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Branding & Promotion

Build a Brand

Today, people explore the Internet for every bit and piece. You should be there to cater their need. The website gives you a well-recognized name and space over the Internet. The website lets you invite new prospects and promote the school. It is medium to communicate and enhance the existing rapport with your customer. OnlineMySite is designed to enrich both communication and promotion. OnlineMySite will refurbish your Business into a brand.

Specialized for Business

The website is the repository of all the information about your business or work. OnlineMySite has considered almost everything a Business needs. The website will be created fitting standard guideline. OnlineMySite provide plentiful apps fully customized for a business website requirement.

Easily Create Business Website

OnlineMySite has a bridged the time and effort in website creation. You can have your business website ready within 5 minutes in 4 simple steps. You can go for free signup on and get your website and admin panel address on the registered email. OnlineMySite have ample apps that you can use to update content on web pages.

Free Apps (Modules)

OnlineMySite provide you website and efficient content management system to update content over it. Each page of the website has an app associated with it. You have given the 20+ free app to manage the content of each section of the website. Some of the apps are HOME, Notice, Message, Branch, and Contact. You can update unlimited data without any trouble by apps.

Premium Apps (Modules)

OnlineMySite provide you some finest apps that can enhance your interaction with parents and student. Premium apps boost and foster the way you communicate. Some of the premium apps are SMS, email, announcement and many more. You can ask for them whenever you need. New and interactive premium apps are added by us to enhance your experience with the website.

Admin Panel

OnlineMySite gives you a safe and secure website. OnlineMySite gives an admin login and password at the time of initial signup. Admin panel lets you manage access privileges for updating and editing over the website. Admin panel is the point where you can oversee your business website. OnlineMySite has responsive Admin Panel. You can login your admin panel from any screen size device.

Update Website with Mobile

OnlineMySite has made it possible for you to update your website from mobile. The website is fully adjustable to mobile screen size. You can access and update your website from anywhere. OnlineMySite has busted the restriction of reaching to your website from a desktop computer.

Live Your Website Now

Stunning & Beautiful Design

Eye Catching Templates

OnlineMySite gives you enticing and effective templates for your website. Template are predefined layout schemes in which all the content of the website will be displayed. OnlineMySite gives you free templates and you can pick one among them for the website.

Attractive Menu Style

OnlineMySite provide well- ordered menu for easy navigation among the web pages of the website. For the ease of access, we have sorted different web pages into groups like Page setting, Gallery, Notice, General setting and Contact.

Dynamic Website

OnlineMySite provides the lively website. You can renew content of the website anytime and anywhere. The dynamic website keeps your visitor refreshed and attracted as they find something new every time they visit your website.

Responsive Website

OnlineMySite design website that is quick to respond to almost every device. The responsive web design (RWD) approach make your website fit any screen size with full readability. All the search engine prefers RWD website over the unresponsive website in their search engine result page (SERP).

Mobile Friendly Website

OnlineMySite enhance your interaction with your customer by creating a website that is fully receptive to mobile. OnlineMySite design your business website keeping in mind the million users who prefer seeking Internet over mobile. Your business website can be accessed without any hassle on mobile by visitors.


Announcement lets you broadcast message to all the visitor. You can schedule announcement with date and time. Announcement proves useful in circumstances when you have to give notice regarding to new updates and other to all the visitors who are visiting your website.


Recommendation always works better. Testimonial lets you publish reviews of customer on the website. Testimonial build trust among the visitor. You can show reviews to let them know how people feel about you.

SEO & Social Media


OnlineMySite allows you to put together your website and social media account. This integration lets you share your website content to your social media account immediately with ease. It helps you to divert your social media traffic to the website. Facebook is an enormous platform for extending the horizon of your reach to the intended people.


OnlineMySite let you integrate your Twitter account with the website. It lets you drive the intended twitter traffic to your website. It gives you a huge platform to promote yourself among the people of your niche.

Google Plus

OnlineMySite lets you integrate your website with Google+. This allows you to build a social network and bring them to visit your website. It catalyzes the promotion of school and establishes it as a renowned brand. This integration enhances connectivity and communication among your visitors and customers.


OnlineMySite integrate youtube with your website. A visitor can have access to your youtube channel. You can have an intuitive promotional video that they can subscribe and download and enhance the methodology of teaching.

The Power of Business Analytics

Google Analytic

OnlineMySite allows you to integrate your google analytics to the website. Google analytics is free web analytics tool available to anyone who has a Google account. It gives you a basic tool for statistics and searches engine optimization (SEO) and marketing processes. For detailed information visit at

Hit Counter

OnlineMySite let you add a hit counter on your website. Hit counter makes you aware of how many people have visited your website. It lets you get a clear analysis of the popularity of the website. You can activate hit counter from app tool. You can get more detail about hit counter at

SEO Enabled Website

OnlineMySite provide a website that is search engine optimization (SEO) enabled. An SEO enabled website increases the chance of your website to be displayed in the search result of top search engines. It surges the possibility of your website being found by anyone who is searching something similar to it. OnlineMySite provide you SEO app to add a keyword, title, and description that make your website traced by visitors.

Uninterrupted Hosting of Time

Fastest Opening Website

OnlineMySite provides a robust hosting of your website. It provides you cloud hosting that diminish opening or loading time of the website. Your website will be retrieved as soon as anyone search for it. Fast opening of the website increases the chances of a visitor to stay with your website.

Website at your own Domain

OnlineMySite present your business website at its subdomain with your 6-digit sender id. You can pick your personal domain name as Your personal domain gives the more professional look and feel. Your website at your own domain lets you brand your business. The website at your domain make you distinguishable on the Internet and make it easy for people to identify you. You can use both of your domain and for more assistance call us at +91-70 80 137 444.

Cloud Hosting

OnlineMySite use cloud hosting to provide high performance, service reliability and rapid speed for your website. Cloud hosting diminishes the uptime (time to load) of the website. It is perfect for your need and well monitored by our expert for the advancement of deployed resources and to make it instantly accessible to visitors.

Connect with your Customer

Google Map

OnlineMySite allows the integration of google map with website. Google Map let people find school physical location over the Internet. It shows route and direction with landmark making it easy for the visitor to reach you. Google map also enlist you in the local business list and make you visible and distinct.

Enquiry System

OnlineMySite provides you instant enquiry system integrated with your website. A visitor can enquiry by filling a basic form consisting name, phone no. and query. This enquiry will be saved in enquiry app and emailed to your registered email account. It gives a medium to connect with your audience anytime and also prepare a list of prospects whom you can target to promote your business.

Quick Contact

OnlineMySite has a separate contact page and app. This enables the visitor to find your contact details such as email, phone no, website address without any mess. It boosts frequency of the people who contact you. Fostering your relationship with enquirer evolves you as a brand. Interaction with your customer will develop a strong bond and will flourish your business in long run.

Easily Delete Website

OnlineMySite always reverence your decision. You can delete your website without any stress the moment you want.You can request for delete from admin panel. We ask you for confirmation and wait for 14 days before final deletion. We will always insist you to contact us before deleting OnlineMySite forever.

Newsletter Subscriber

OnlineMySite has a subscription app which let people subscribe your newsletter. For subscribing your newsletter they just have to submit their email. You can later use this subscription list to send them a bulk message regarding new arrivals, updates, offers, event or exhibitions. This subscription list is idea about people who are interested in your business and you can intend them to promote yourself.

24 x 7 Support

OnlineMySite provide you round the clock support and assistance. Our dedicated support team feels pleased in assisting you. OnlineMySite has a compilation of frequently asked question on the helpdesk. You can get it at If you are unable to find your solution here, you can raise a support ticket with a description of your problem. It will be resolved as soon as possible.

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